Our Green initiative demonstrates our commitment to create a long term plan for total water management and reuse with the goal of a zero water footprint.

At TERRA Services we provide customized programs designed to meet sustainability goals and objectives of the oil and gas industry. The chemicals in these programs are approved as food additives or for treatment of drinking water by the EPA, NSF, USDA, FDA and GRAS.

The products used in our TERRA Services Hydraulic Fracturing Solutions Process are less hazardous to manufacture and use, have less of an impact downstream from point-of-use, and are more readily degrade when discharged. All of the chemicals used in our products are compatible with commonly used friction reducers and gels.

We specialize in:

  • Maximizing the reuse of available produced water during the fracturing process
  • Replacing traditional biocides with Chlorine Dioxide at safe drinking water levels
  • Reducing chemical usage
  • Lowering packaging requirements


"Water is the best
of all things ."


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