TERRA Scale Inhibitor TS-30
TERRA Scale Inhibitor 30% active

TERRA Scale Inhibitor is an environmentally friendly inhibitor designed for use in oil field waters for the prevention of carbonate and sulfate mineral scales. The product is field-ready, requiring no on-site mixing or dilution and should be metered into the process fluids directly from the shipping container. Apply at a point upstream of the formation of scale crystals at a dosage adequate to maintain control.

Hydraulic Fracturing
TERRA Scale Inhibitor may be added to the fracturing fluid flow stream by means of a proportioning chemical pump at any convenient point upstream of the blender. It will be miscible with all types of aqueous systems and requires only minimal agitation to dissolve; however, uniform dispersion throughout the total fluid volume is desirable. TERRA Scale Inhibitor will effectively adsorb to common sand and ceramic proppants as well as to formation rock to provide extended protection during flowback and early production.

Environmental Certification
“EnviroKleen™ has certified this product, TERRA Scale Inhibitor, as meeting their standards for Process Water Treatment Chemicals based on its reduced human, aquatic, ambient air and environmental impacts.”

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